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the river of (b)rain


la pluie
13 February
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i am a total geek

i am an eccentric bohemian nerd.

i enjoy watching emo music videos with the sound off.

my livejournal haiku:

will be released
when it rains-rain is coming
down red rain red rain

this amazing colorbar was made for me by kaliste

randomosity is the spice of life.


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Willy Wonka is semi-sweet, nutty love.

the best things in life are free.

i am under the impression that i have a foot. however, i might have been fooled.

i don't know how to pronounce my aim sn. don't ask me to. i got it from one of the fleamails on the RHCP site. apparently, flea read a book when he was little that said that if you could figure out how to pronounce the word, you could make anything you wanted appear in front of you. maybe you can get it. if you do, please tell me.

I have recently started reading webnovels. This is one of my favorites: http://www.meilinmiranda.com/prologue
Beware, it is mostly not safe for work, but there are no pictures, so you may get away with it.