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the river of (b)rain [entries|friends|calendar]
la pluie

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zombies [19 Oct 2008|09:18pm]
[ mood | overwhelmed ]

as is appropriate for the month...i'm making a zombie post.

i am currently working on 5 costumes (technically 6, but one is only a small alteration).

one is for myself. two are for my sisters. two are for the girls i babysit.

i will put up pictures in the next week. mine is close to being finished, but the girls' are just cut out and scattered around the room.

in other news, i have just begun to learn how to lead swing dancing. i think i almost enjoy it more than following. haha.

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oh my, starry eyed surprise. we're gonna dance all night. [29 Jun 2008|06:03pm]
[ mood | content ]

we're gonna dance all night to this DJ, oh sugar, dance all night to this dj

yeah so I actually danced all night last night. It was amazing. The official dancing started at 7, and that went until 11. Then we went to a late night dance party at one person's house where most people drank a little (some getting wasted, but still able to dance. I didn't drink and I love that nobody cared. Those who wanted to drink did, and those who didn't want to didn't.) and everyone danced until they dropped. Those of us left at 4:30am went out to eat breakfast, where a two of us still lindy bombed it. (lindy bombing means going to a non-dance place and lindy hopping, which is a type of swing dance.)

I could get used to doing this.

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sugar, spice, and everything nice [28 Jun 2008|02:13pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I made summer dresses for my little sisters. I have no pictures of the flower that gets pinned onto Byrdee's (the older one) dress, so just imagine that on there, kay?
simply adorableCollapse )

Devin comes out here in 3 days. I haven't seen him in a month. It's really hard to be this far away for long periods of time. We fought yesterday and it was about something completely stupid. We wouldn't have fought over it had we been with each other. It sucks a lot.

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Renaissance [23 Jun 2008|02:07pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

So here are pictures of the shirt and hat I made for Devin's Christmas and Birthday presents respectively, and of the skirt that I made as a final project for my intro to costume construction class.
woo prettyCollapse )
In other news: Rain threw up at work today. not fun. I had a popsicle at home and took a short nap and I feel absolutely fine. of course I felt absolutely fine before I threw up, then I felt like shit. It sucks because I was having a good day. oh well.

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summer and new computer [20 Jun 2008|06:03pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i finally got a new computer.

my old one was long dead, and internet was quite impossible.

now i have a pretty and light (yay not heavy!) macbook.

now that i can actually get online without a struggle, i'll probably be posting more. i plan to get some of my latest sewing projects up here. that'll happen after i finish personalizing my new baby.

hope everyone's doing well. i'm going to go be an lj stalker now. :)

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[06 Apr 2008|07:35pm]
[ mood | overwhelmed ]

So I'm back from the dead again.

I have decided that I love my major. I'm actually considering dropping my minor. If I did not have to take German, I'm pretty sure that I could hold a 4.0. I talked to my advisor about what classes I need to take next semester, and we put down a bunch of different theatre classes, and my thought was "wow this is going to be so easy"

T AR111-001   STAGECRAFT            3.00 Units
T AR113-001   STAGECRAFT CREW       1.00 Unit
T AR297A    COSTUME PRODUCTION (Independent Study) 3.00 Units
GER 301-001   VOICES PAST AND PRES  3.00 Units
NATS104-015H  NUTRITION,FOOD AND Y  3.00 Units

This puts me at exactly 19 Units, the maximum allowed, yet I still have practically all of Friday off. Although the Independent Study does not have a set time, so that means that I'll probably be working on it on that free Friday that I have.

Somehow I'd like to keep my job during all of this. Haha. Not likely. At least I'll be able to work all summer. Hopefully that'll make up for the not-really-working next year.

I bought the fabric to make a matching skirt for my bodice. It'll be my end of the semester project for my costume construction class. I'll post pictures of the finished product.

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OMG [14 Mar 2008|08:06pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Devin bought me an iPod for my birthday.

Oh Em Gee!!!

It's a black iPod Classic 80gb. I don't think my computer even HAS 80 gig of space. My iPod is better than my computer.


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early morning musings [14 Mar 2008|10:20am]
[ mood | crushing ]

So I'm 19 now. It's weird having only one more year of being a teen left. I feel both old and young.

I have a crush right now. It's weird being in a long distance relationship because your body forgets that you're taken. I get all giddy whenever this person talks to me. I know it will fade away eventually, it's already started to a little, but it is so strange. It's like an argument between my brain and my body.

"Hey! Stop that! Think about Devin!"
"But he's so CUTE!"
"Huh what? Oh, I'm sorry, I was too busy feeling giddy to listen...did you say something?"

Yeah so that's my inner battle. On top of that, a part of me thinks it's nice to have a crush. I've never really had that many crushes before. Going to an all-girls school kind of limits that.

It's nice to "talk" about that. I can't really talk to Devin about it without him getting jealous. Not in the sense of being jealous of him because I like him, but in the sense of being jealous of him because he gets to hang out with me but Devin can't.

I hope that if you're going to katsucon, that all of your costumes get finished! I wish I could be there with you guys. Have fun!

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birthday [09 Feb 2008|01:45pm]
[ mood | mixed ]

Yeah so I'll turn 19 on Wednesday. It's really weird. LeAnne called me old the other day. She was all like "19 is a grown-up age. I can't think of my roomie as a grown-up"

I sort of celebrated my birthday last night. I went swing dancing. It was fun.

This week is vagina monologue week. I'm not acting in it this year, I may do it next year, but I did get my chocolate vagina on a stick.

It was quite tasty.

I hate Valentine's Day with long distance relationships. It it ridiculously expensive to order stuff online. Especially flowers. I was planning on getting Devin a simple bouquet of sunflowers and it would have cost me $40 for 10 sunflowers NOT including the delivery fee of $12. I checked all sorts of websites and they were all the same. Roses and shit are even more expensive. I actually saw flower arrangements for $100. If I could just go to the fucking floral section of the grocery store and buy some sunflowers it would cost around $15. It's crazy.

Oh well. Devin's not getting flowers this year. haha. I hope you all have had better Valentine's Day shopping experiences than I did. I got really frustrated at the end. I finally found something reasonably priced, but it'll take 4 to 10 business days AFTER they make it, so he's not getting it by Thursday. Oops.
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interesting patterns [03 Feb 2008|01:00pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Anyone else think belldandy when they see this?


Yesterday was our Chinese New Year festival at the museum. The cutest kids ever sang a happy new year song in Chinese. It was adorable.

Today is a calm do nothing day. It's kind of nice.

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blank [31 Jan 2008|10:11pm]
[ mood | meh ]

i have to write an auto-biographical monologue. i don't know what to write it on. i don't really have any stories that i always tell people. i'm not like the dude in  I <3 Huckabees who always tells his story about some famous person and how she can't eat tuna salad but she does eat chicken salad...blah blah blah...

anyway i don't have any of those.

apparently i don't have any outstanding moments in my life. at least not ones that make good stories.

i think i'm going to go through my archives and see if i've posted about anything of value. most likely not. meh.

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zombie post [25 Jan 2008|08:59pm]
[ mood | calm ]

so yeah i'm back from the dead.

first semester of college went well. surprisingly i got a 4.0. the last time i got straight A's was freshman year of high school.

i'm now officially a costume design major. my intro to costume construction class is super easy. i will appreciate the free sewing lessons though. it'll be nice to get some official training in such things.

my grandmother gave me a really nice family heirloom for christmas.

hopefully i'll be able to make an awesome lolita outfit to go with it. i definitely want a black shirt to really make the gold stand out, but i have not decided on the skirt yet.

i hope everyone is doing well. i check my friends list a few pages back to see what the latest news was. most people are writing about going to katsucon. have fun there! i would invite you guys to come out and stay with me for arizona cons, but of course none of those are actually in tucson, so it would be completely pointless. you're still welcome to visit though!

i've got a lot of wonderful rants to tell you guys. i'll save them for another day.

ugh. my mom just farted in my room and it smells disgusting.

it's nice to be lj-ing again. :)
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mmmmm blues [17 Sep 2007|10:56pm]
[ mood | good ]

i took a blues dance workshop over the weekend. it feels so good to dance to blues. especially really slow really emotional blues.

i have a new favorite song/singer, citizen cope "sideways"

judging by youtube comments the song's got something to do with scrubs or grey's anatomy or some similar show (i don't really remember which one).

i don't really care about those shows, but oh man that song just hits me in the gut and i just feel good, in a non-sexual way.

in other news, i have found someone to go rocky horror-ing with me. the rialto theatre shows it every friday at midnight. i'm totally psyched even though we don't really have a set date. it's more like "hey lets go see it sometime" "okay!"

i almost shortened rocky horror to RHPS, but then I realized how close that was to RHCP, and i wonder if there is a reason for that.

we talked about transgender culture today in my gender in contemporary society class (i believe my syllabus actually says "trannie culture 101" in jest of course, but still funny) and i kept thinking about tim curry. not a good image when the lecturer was trying to emphasize that transgendered people were NORMAL PEOPLE!!!

oh well.

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life [13 Sep 2007|12:06am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Devin and I are back together now. He never really wanted to leave me, but he felt like he should. He is extremely proud of his honor so he tends to do what he thinks he should do. It's one of the things that I really love about him.

I'm trying to finish my final draft on a personal essay. I'm writing about Chelsea's suicidal semester. It's not extremely emotional because she's okay now and nothing too drastic happened, but there is a lot I still don't know. For example, I still don't really know why. I know why she recovered, but I don't know the trigger for her fall. It isn't easy to write this. I think I might be one of the only people writing this essay about someone else. I think I should write about this though. Too many people slip under the radar and it's really sad. So many people are on the brink of giving up hope and way too many of them don't have anyone to pull them back.

I'll stop talking about deep stuff now.

I have the house to myself for a week. My family went to up to Portland on Sunday and they won't be back until early next week. It's kinda weird. This is the first time I have ever stayed by myself for this long. Last year at this time I had 100 freakin' people living with me and now I'm completely alone at night. Before you all start to worry, I lock all the doors when I'm home and when I'm not. :)

I might be going to a blues-dance workshop this weekend. Should be awesome. Dancing to blues is most definitely the sexiest thing that anyone could ever do. There is an art to it. I would love to not look like an idiot the next time someone dances blues with me. If I can get someone to water the garden I will TOTALLY be there. :P

Yeah so that's my week in a nutshell. I hope everyone else is getting a good start on school/work/doing nothing. :)

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qi loli [02 Sep 2007|12:52am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Here are images of my new qiloli. :)

My dogs are cam-whores
This way to more picturesCollapse )
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update [30 Aug 2007|06:02pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

devin and i have been working things out slowly. we're in a state of limbo right now. i haven't really felt up to LJing recently. :/

i've joined the swing dance club here, and i'll begin working at the children's museum on wednesday.

also, Joann's is having a brocade sale (until september 8th if you're interested), so i got the fabric for a qiloli design i've been wanting to do for about a month. it should be super pretty.

i'm procrastinating my english paper right now. i've had to write a page and a half for everything we've read for every class we have. this usually means writing 3 pages every other day. i don't like writing.

i'm working on my portfolio for theatre design and technology. if anyone has pictures of me from and then there were none i would appreciate copies. i'd like to submit that make-up job. it was super awesome.

i have too go write some more. i hope everyone is doing well. i haven't had a chance to read LJs at all this week. oh well.

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empty [24 Aug 2007|06:40pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

devin broke up with me today.

i don't know the reason.

i miss him so much.

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my hot new ride [18 Aug 2007|06:26pm]
[ mood | excited ]

So there's this place here in town called BICAS (Bicycle I-something Community Association S-something).

Anyway they're an non-profit community center that teaches people how to fix their own bikes. You can go in a buy all the parts you need right there. Parts are almost completely salvaged from donated bikes. You can choose to build a bike from scratch or get one of their donated bikes that are in need of repair. I got my lovely bike for a grand total of $44. $30 for the original bike (there was not a lot to do) and $14 for the time in the bike shop. It's either $3 an hour or $10 a day. I was there for an hour and a half one day and a full day the next. :)

Here is my sexy new bike which I fixed myself. I had to replace the left pedal, adjust the brakes, replace the left rear brake, true both of the wheels, adjust the gear shifter, and straighten out the handle-bars. :) I am very proud of my work.

NOT lj-cut because everyone needs to see the glory of my bike. :)

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rain reverts to childhood [13 Aug 2007|07:02pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

So we bought this children's CD called "For the Kids." It's got a bunch of songs for kids by popular artists. the profits go to VH1's save the music foundation which pays for public schools to have music programs and instruments.

ANYWAY! the CD is frickin' AWESOME!!

If I was living in a dorm I would TOTALLY blare this CD full volume daily so that everyone could enjoy the shear awesomeness of it.

1. Mahna Mahna- Cake
2. La La La La Lemon - Barenaked Ladies
3. The Rainbow Connection - Sarah McLachlan
4. I've Got To Be Clean - Guster
5. Wonderwheel - Dan Zanes
6. Have a Little Fun - Glen Phillips
7. The Hoppity Song - Five For Fighting
8. My Flying Saucer - Billy Bragg & Wilco
9. It's All Right To Cry - Darius Rucker
10. Sing - Ivy
11. Bright Eyes - Remy Zero
12. Willie The King - Dan Wilson
13. Snow Day - Bleu
14. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" - Chantal/Raine Maida
15. Good Night Children Everywhere - Sixpence None The Richer
16. Bend Down The Branches - Tom Waits


on another note: Ferngully is the best environmentally friendly children's movie. It totally beats Happy Feet, because who really wants to hear penguins sing prince? haha.

Reasons 1-4 why Ferngully freakin' rocks:

I didn't think that my respect for Tim Curry could get any higher, but when I discovered that he had a huge role in my favoritest kid's movie EVAH...well...wow. Yes I know Robin Williams is in both Happy Feet and Ferngully. It's hard to miss him in Happy Feet. He only has like every good role. :/ His role a batty is still better. PLUS cheech and chong? How delightfully random!

um. yes. ferngully also has fairies and magic and ONE CLEAR MESSAGE. Happy Feet was all like "everyone can belong" then it was all like "it's okay to be different" then it was all like "stop over-fishing in the antarctic circle." Ferngully is all "stop cutting down trees" with a hint of "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU HUMANS DOING TO BATS???" and can all boil down to "stop messing with the rain forest"

I went through the whole "get to school and back" process today. I'm going to need a bike for the actual getting to the bus stop part of the trip. I am so tired from walking so much. *yawn* I think I'm going to take a nap now.
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[11 Aug 2007|08:58pm]
[ mood | sad ]

so i decided to make my journal not FO anymore. that might change, but the original reason for the FO no longer applies and i haven't developed any more reasons to stay that way.

also...i have completely created a water themed lj to go with my new name. feel free to check it out. i took every picture myself. i loves me my underwater camera. :)


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